Accra Beaches Are The Best Place To Spend Your Summer Vacations!

Published: 16th April 2010
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There are a number of coastlines in Accra. These coast lines are safer, intrusion free, and are very common place of visit for tourists of Accra Ghana. Accra Beaches are best known for sports, relaxation, picnic, meeting, and shopping. This creates a load of Accra Ghana flights. A large number of visitors enter into this recreational city to explore it. Visitors, who are interested in knowing about cheap Accra flights and visiting Accra, often use cheap flights to accra to reserve cheap flights to Accra from UK. Among the best Accra Beaches, and beach resorts following are the most popular, Ada - Paradise Beach, Bojo Beach Kokrobite Beach Resort, Labadi Pleasure Beach, Ningo-Prampram Beach, Busua Beach, Next Door Beach Resort, Elmina Beach, Cocoloco Beach, and Ningo-Prampram Beach.

Ada - Paradise Beach:
This coastal town is located 100 kilometers east of Accra. It is a popular resort area and a favorite base for water sports and game fishing. This beach offers to visitors who took cheap flights to Accra the facilities of yachting, skiing, and fishing etc. 

Next Door Beach:
This beach resort-complex is a model of excellent of international standard worthy of mention. This Beach resort is known as most lively and popular entertainment sports in Ghana. This is an ideal place for the visitors entering to Accra by cheap Accra Ghana flights as they provide the best opportunity to eat, drink, relax, dance, and watching of waves roll on. The scenic beauty of this resort with a cluster of coconut trees for shade is the gift of nature. 

Elmina Beach:
It amuses both domestic visitors and foreigners. It is one of Central Region's cleanest and quietest beaches. Whether you want to enjoy alone or a family or friends gathering Elmina Beach has every thing for you. Elmina Beach Resort is popular resort at Almina Beach. If you are interested to get information and stay there cheap flights to accra can do this for you. 

Labadi Pleasure Beach:
It is serving as Accra's main public beach, which offers only shower and changing room facility and catering services. It is the most popular beach during holidays and weekends. 

Cocoloco Beach:
It is located about an hour east from Accra, where the Volta River meets Atlantic Ocean. The area is a natural paradise. This is sanctuary for an enormous number of birds, a breeding ground for a variety of sea turtles. 

These beautiful and exotic beaches are the best places to visit after cheap flights to Accra Ghana in summer season. It is easier to get cheap flights to Accra Ghana from UK, by putting little effort.

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